About me

I am currently a co-founder and CEO of a new startup called FindTheBest (a search comparison engine) located in Santa Barbara.  I am the co-founder and formerly the CEO and Chairman of DoubleClick, Inc (Nasdaq:  DCLK). DoubleClick was sold in July of 2005 to the private equity firm Helman & Friedman for $1.1 billion and was recently acquired again by Google.

         I helped launch other software entities including ICC and Internet Security Systems (Nasdaq:  ISSX).  I started ICC with Bill Miller and Michael Schier back in 1983 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  At ICC I was the VP of Research but was really a hardcore coder and developed many of our products which tied PCs into Burroughs and Sperry mainframes.  I know it's hard to believe, but that was exciting stuff back then.  I also created one of the first products to allow PCs to tie into local area networks, again very common place today but radical back in 1989.  We were acquired in 1992 by DCA where I continued as Vice President of Research.  DCA merged with Attachmate in 1995 where I stayed for about a week and then left.  In 1995 I stumbled on a brilliant kid named Chris Klaus and helped Chris and Tom Noonan build Internet Security Systems into a large, successful software business that was sold to IBM in 2006 for $1.3 billion.  Also in 1995, Dwight and I started Internet Advertising Network which would subsequently become DoubleClick.

     I also sit on a number of private company boards that I have invested in, including 9 Star, Travidia, Surfline, and Procore.  Prior to FindTheBest, I was mainly focused on O'Connor Ventures providing seed capital to startups that I hope will become massive companies rather than a tax write-off.  I am also the author of the book, "Map of Innovation:  Creating Something Out of Nothing".  I've given many guest lectures at universities including U of M, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, MIT, UCSB, University of Colorado, and Westmont. 

     My lowest paying job, though perhaps the most exciting, was as a wrestling coach with Jeff Gaier at Cincinnati Moeller from 1988-1992.  Moeller didn't have much of a wrestling team back then, but is now consistently one of the top wrestling programs in the country. 

     I earned my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan with honors in 1983.  In the spring of 2000, I had the privilege to give the College's keynote address at graduation.  I'm also a co-chair of Progress & Promise: the 150th Anniversary Campaign for U of M.  I received an honorary doctorate from my Dad's alma mater, Lawrence Technological University, which was pretty cool.  Today I am on the Board of Trustees at Crane Country Day School where I also chair the Annual Fund.  Cormac is a sophmore at Cate School where I also co-chair the Annual Fund.

     In my spare time, I love to surf, ski, heli-ski, lift and play basketball (poorly).  I also coach kid's soccer, basketball and wrestling. 

But most importantly, I'm happily married with three great kids.